9.2 Recreational: Recreational7

9.3 Competitive Level8



10.2Rep Team Structure9

10.3Team Staff9

10.4Rep Team Selection10

10.5Player Movement11

10.6     Player Releases12



10.9Player Additions13

10.10   Rep Team Dress Code14

10.11Rep Team Travel Policy14

10.12 Rep Teams Championship Fund Raising Policy16




13.1 Fort Nelson Tournaments17

13.2 Out of Town Tournaments17










22.1    Tasks Common to all Positions29


22.3Vice President29




22.7Risk Manager31


22.9Head Coach31

22.10Publicity Director31

22.11Ice Coordinator32

22.12Division Coordinators32

22.13  Team Manager33

22.13HCSP Person33









28.0 Important Dates54

29.0 2019/2020 Fort Nelson Minor Hockey Executive56



The objective of this manual is intended to provide a source of information that can be used by Executive, Managers, Coaches, and Players.  This document is subject to frequent review and revision.  The Executive will address the areas of highest priorities first, but will ultimately ensure that all relevant polies and procedures will be contained within the manual and updated as required.  All users of this manual are encouraged to provide feedback to the Executive as to the items to be included, the policy and procedures to be followed, and the language which can best assure clarity around operational issues.  The Policy and Procedures manual is an organic document and is expected to change and evolve over time.


The mission of the FNMHA is to ensure its participants are provided meaningful opportunities and enjoyable in a safe, sportsmanlike manner.  This includes, among other things, a shared responsibility with parents to nurture the physical and emotional wellbeing of all participants.  The FNMHA's primary interest is the wellbeing of its participants and the health of the association as a whole.  


FNMHA is a nonprofit recreational sport society incorporated under the British Columbia Societies Act.  FNMHA is responsible for all minor hockey activities within the boundaries established by BC Hockey.  FNMHA is a member of the Northeast/Yukon District of BC Hockey and receives its authority from Hockey Canada through BC Hockey.  This organization is volunteer based, with governance provided by an Executive Board drawn from adults willing to give personal time in the furtherance of Minor Hockey objectives.  

3.1FNMHA also has adopted the following BC Hockey policies, bulletins and procedures that can be found in Appendix A

​​​Harassment and Abuse Policy

​​​Zero Tolerance Policy

​​​Privacy Policy


No Player or team may participate in any Association activities unless he/she/they are properly registered with the Association.  



Novice to Midget​​$350.00

Females ages 11-17​​$350.00

*Family discount for 3 or more children is $875.00.  

If a player plays in more than one division, example girls and bantam then the cost for the girls division would be $175.  

4.1 There will be a $25.00 early registration discount for players who register during the time frame as set out by the board for early registration, dates are to be determined by the current board and advertised in the paper for 2 weeks prior to early registration.

4.2 Partial refunds will be considered by the Executive for those players who resign because of illness or moving out of the FNMHA district.

4.3 A refund less $65.00 will be made available to players deciding to quit Minor Hockey prior to October 31st of the current season.  The $65.00 nonrefundable portion is to cover Minor Hockey's costs incurred from registration and administration fees with BC Hockey and the cost of insurance.

4.4 No refunds, partial or full, will be returned to any player who quits after October 31st of the current season or is suspended within the season.

4.5 Deadline for registration will be September 15th of the current year unless a player is transferring from another association where they would be able to join without disruption and as soon as they arrive in this community.

4.6 Refunds for injuries and leaving the community will be pro-rated after deducting $65.00 for insurance and administration fees.  A letter from the player's family physician may be requested.

4.7 Fees are subject to annual review.

4.8 Rep Fees - See Rep Team section

4.9 Cap – FNMHA will be enforcing a division cap.  All registration will be on a first come first serve basis, and based on coach availability.  Registration numbers will be based on coach availability, once a coach has stepped up players will be registered to that team up to a maximum of 17 skaters and 2 goalies totaling 19 players until a 2ndcoach steps up.  

4.10 A player/team is registered when:
4.10.1 Player: A completed registration form is filed with the Registrar of the Association, registration fees have been paid in full, or a payment plan has been determined, proof of age is produced, the responsibility waiver and Team First Fair Play Codes of Conduct have been signed by the parents or legal guardians, and the Player Code of Conduct has been signed by the player, ePact completed, and Sportsmanship Starts in the Stands has been attended by both parents.
4.10.2 Team: The Team has been rostered with Hockey Canada and has the required certified coaches, HCSP and division coordinator.


At registration parents are required to submit 2 postdated cheques one dated December 15th of the current season and one dated March 15th to be held until volunteer hours are submitted to registrar.  If volunteer hours meet the minimum requirement the checks will be returned.  If volunteer hours are not fulfilled then the checks will be cashed.  Volunteer time can be earned by selling raffle tickets, helping during games (sitting in the penalty box, score/time keeping), or other requirements as requested by the team manager to help.


A deposit of $100.00 is required per player for their jersey to be held by the Registrar.  If the Jersey is returned washed at the end of the season the cheque will be returned.  If the Jersey is not returned, then the cheque will be cashed.  


7.1FNMHA Executive meetings shall be held the First Wednesday of the month at 7:00PM.  Any changes to meeting dates/time shall be posted on the bulletin board in the arena, and on the website one week prior with the new date and all Executive members are notified of the change.

7.2An agenda for monthly meetings will be set one week prior to the meeting and sent to all executive members.  Any additions to the agenda must be submitted to the President no later than 24 hours prior to the meeting.  Any changes will be forwarded to the executive members.  

7.3General members must notify the President of FNMHA in writing, 10 days prior to the monthly meeting if they intend to make a presentation to the executive so that it may be placed on the agenda and addressed properly and effectively at the Executive meeting.  

7.4All Executive members are expected to attend the monthly Executive meetings.  Executive members missing three consecutive meetings without giving due notice will be deemed to have abandoned their position.  The remaining Executive will take measures to fill the vacated position.

7.5Minutes of all meetings are to be sent to all Executive members 7 days following the date of the monthly meeting.  Minutes will then be approved at the following meeting and available online for the general membership the next day.  


If registration will accommodate only one team, it may be either a Rep Team or House Team.

If registration will accommodate only one House Team and one Rep Team per division, Interdivisional play will be allowed.  

If registration indicates that more than 2 teams per division can be accommodated, then that division could have one Rep Team and two or more House Teams.  

Any division wishing to create a Rep Team or Developmental Team must put forth their intentions to the executive for approval. Should we stipulate a cut off?


Player Divisions in minor hockey are decided by age categories set by BC Hockey as follows (age is set as the player's age as of December 31st of the current season):

​​PreNovice- 5 and 6 (Initiation A and B)​​PeeWee - 11 and 12

Novice - 7 and 8 (Initiation C and D)​​​Bantam - 13 & 14

​​Atom - 9 and 10​​​​​Midget - 15, 16 and 17

​​Female 11 - 17


The teams in FNMHA will compete at one of three playing levels based on HOCKEY CANADA Model Programs:

9.1Initiation This program is designed for all players 5 & 6 years old or any entry level players.  Every player starts out as a beginner and must be initiated to hockey.  Thus, beginners and the Initiation Program are the foundation of the entire hockey structure.  The objectives of the Initiation Model Program are to:

Have FUN
Stimulate interest in hockey and a desire to continue participation
Develop basic hockey skills
Obtain a sense of achievement
Promote physical fitness
Introduce players to the concepts of cooperation, sportsmanship, and leadership
Encourage initiative
Prepare players for further participation


          9.2​​Recreational: Recreational hockey is the type of hockey played by the majority of amateur players.  It’s FUN hockey for fitness, relaxation, and fellowship.  The objectives of the Recreational Model Program are to:

Provide a game to fit the needs of the participants
Be open to all ages between 5 and 17 (PreNovice to Midget)
Allow players equal ice time
De-emphasize the importance of winning
Allow enjoyable participation for the fun aspect
Assist in an individual’s physical development
Create a social environment
Allow an individual to participate freely in other sports and activities
Give alternative types of hockey

          9.3Competitive Level:  This program is designed for players who seek to test their limits and have the desire and ability to play at a high level of competition. These players must be willing to invest a reasonable amount of time to on and off-ice training.  The emphasis is on improvement of all basic skills, plus tactical and psychological preparation.  In FNMH the introduction to competitive hockey begins at Atom Development while more intensive competitive hockey begins at PeeWee. This hockey is known as Rep Hockey. Atom Development is an introduction to Rep hockey, but is not considered rep hockey so there will be equal ice time. In rep hockey every player shall be played fairly, but fair doesn’t mean equal ice time. All ice time decisions are to be determined by team staff. For Rep teams this would include PeeWee to Midget Divisions.  The objectives of the Competitive Model Program are to:

Achieve a degree of excellence, according to the player’s interest and potential.
Provide an opportunity for achievement in an enjoyable and self-fulfilling environment.
Provide an opportunity to progress to a higher level of competition.
Stimulate development both from an individual and overall sport point of view.
The carded Rep teams may compete for berths in District play downs to represent the Northeast B.C./ Yukon BC Hockey District at the BC Provincial Championships.



For the purpose of these policies Atom Development is included in Rep Hockey except in regards to Provincial Championships.
At registration or at a meeting prior to tryouts all players and parents will receive information regarding:
Tryouts – fees, procedures, starting dates, ice times and length, coach plans and philosophy
Season - financial and time commitments.
Monthly meeting schedule
All carded players are to dress and are to be played fairly; however, fair play does not mean equal play. It is also recognized that there will be occasions where the power play and penalty killing units are necessary.
Rep practices are to be used wisely and not wasted on excessive explanations of drills. Coaches should require players to be dressed early for drill instruction in the dressing room.
Practice/game ice time shall generally be distributed to division on the basis of player registration. Additional ice times for Rep teams will be at a cost to the Rep team. All ice time for games and practices will be based on number of teams and ice availability.
A Rep tryout fee, as set by the Board, is to be paid to FNMHA by all players wishing to try out for a rep team, prior to tryouts, with no money going to the resultant rep team. The intent is to cover the costs of ice and tryout expenses only (e.g.: officials), and not to be a fundraiser for any team.
Games - Recommended as many games as possible, exhibition or tournament play.
Travel - Must be approved by the Executive as per the FNMHA Travel Policy. See Travel Policy.
There may be an additional rep/development team fees for each player, payable upon notification of successful qualification. This fee will be implemented should the rep team receive preferential ice (i.e. full ice or preferred times) as compared to the house team. As well this fee will pay for any other tournament registration fees, or expenses for game play out of town that are not covered by FNMHA. The fee will be set annually by the executive.

10.2Rep Team Structure

​​One Coach, minimum, with Development One, Hockey Canada Safety Program ​​​(HCSP) Person and Team Manager, Respect in Sports required for all team staff

10.3Team Staff

​​Coaches, Assistant Coaches of a Rep Team:

Selection of Coaches and Assistant Coaches for a Rep Team will be completed by the Associations Head Coach, President and Vice President (selected Coach may help with selection of Assistant Coach).

Coaches must have Respect in Sport and the appropriate Coach certification as required through Hockey Canada. (must have Development One Coaching Level)
Assistant Coaches must have Respect in Sport and Coach certification as required through Hockey Canada (must have Development One Coaching Level if planning on attending Provincial Championships as Assistant Coach)
- Coaching Philosophy: The FIRST AIM of Minor Sports is the personal and character development of EACH participant and the winning is secondary achievement.
- Responsibilities: Ensure the team follows the Constitution, Policies and Procedures of FNMHA, BC Hockey and CAHA.
- Role Model:  The Coach plays the most important role in the development of players. They are responsible for the physical, social, emotional, and moral development for the players. Long after the players have left Fort Nelson Minor they will remember the influence the Coach has had on them. Coaches are responsible for teaching the players respect, integrity, honesty and fair play. Coaches need to teach the players the importance of teamwork, positive relationship and a positive attitude towards the game. Coaches are responsible for the development of behaviour for the players in the most positive way so they become positive citizens.

Hockey Canada Safety Program (HCSP) Person: As per FNMHA policy

Team Managers
- Represent the interests and be responsible for administration of the assigned team in a manner prescribed by the Executives and governed by the Association Rules and Policies.
- Reports to the Division Coordinator and or the Rep Director
- Responsible to oversee the day to day operation of their assigned team.
- Manage ice times for games and practices in conjunction with the Rep Director/Division Coordinator and Ice Scheduling Coordinator.
- Prepare and monitor the team’s budget and submit the budget for Executive approval.
- Ensure that all player participation is in the best interests of the boy/girl involved.
- Attend league meetings as directed by the Rep Director.
- In conjunction with the Coaches ensure that team operations function in an organized and responsible manner that represents the FNMHA to the highest standard.
- Ensure sufficient parents are trained in the proper completion of score sheets and operation of the various score clocks.
- Submit a roster of team duties, delegated to parents, to the Rep Director/Division Coordinator at the beginning of the season.
- Responsible for organizing monthly parent meetings.
- Responsible for organizing player/parent commitment to Provincial Championship fundraising.

10.4Rep Team Selection

The Executive must approve a decision to pick a Rep Team prior to these processes being implemented.

​​Selection criteria must have the approval of the Association’s Head Coach, ​​​President, and Vice President

The following process will be utilized when selecting players for a Rep Team or Atom Development Team:

In order to assess and categorize each player the following tryout procedure has been adopted:

Evaluations will occur during the first three weeks of the Minor Hockey season
To allow proper evaluation and lessen confusion, each player will have at least 3 ice sessions prior to player releases being made. After the first 3 ice sessions are complete registration for that team will be closed - application for an exception to this rule must be made in writing to the Division Coordinator.
Each player will be assessed while performing basic and advanced skills.
FNMHA will follow Hockey Canada Guidelines for evaluation and placing players on teams.
A panel or committee of objective and impartial selectors will be used as player evaluators.
Selection criteria must be communicated to the players and their parents.
The tryout process must be communicated to the players and their parents before starting on ice sessions.
At registration or at a meeting prior to tryouts all players and parents will receive information regarding:
Tryouts - procedures, starting dates, ice times and length, coach plans and philosophy
Rep Teams - financial and time commitments.
House Teams - starting dates, ice time.
Number of players selected for Rep team will be at the discretion of the association executive and should include not less than 15 players, 2 of which will be goalies.
The Coach will have the final decision in choosing the team roster, the expectation being that he uses the feedback gained from the evaluators, along with his observations to make these important decisions.
Player assignment should be done as soon as possible.
Coaches must ensure that the players not making the Rep teams are informed by the coaching staff with areas for improvement and what the player does well in a one on one situation (suggest two coaches are in the session and one parent if desired).  It is of the utmost importance to ensure sensitivity, respect and consideration to self-image of the player during this process.
All players not selected will play on House Teams. If a house team is not feasible because of the number of players available, at that time a decision will be made as to where the players are able to play.
Division Coaches and the Head Coach are responsible for the formation of balanced teams by October 31st.
Team Managers, Division Coordinators and/or Association Executive may aid in the final player assignments if necessary.  The decision of the Executive will be binding by all parties.
Opportunity for unsuccessful candidates to appeal shall be provided on the basis of the player or parent writing a letter to the Executive of FNMHA.
The final date for teams to register on Hockey Canada player registration certificates for the Provincial playoffs is December 1st of the same year.
All players must be carded through the Registrar and there shall be a minimum of twelve players carded one week prior to the first FNMHA game. One of the carded players must be a goaltender. Goaltenders are carded as goaltenders in the Bantam and Midget division only.

NOTE: There are no guaranteed positions for any players on a Rep team even if he/she played on the team the previous year.

10.5Player Movement

From time to time it may be necessary to request players from the Recreation Division to move to the Rep teams, and/or players from the Rep teams to move to the Recreation Division. Although it may seem to be in the best interest of the player to move to the Rep team, it may cause negative ramifications to the Recreation team affected, and also the Recreation Division as a whole. Coaches and the Division Manager must be sensitive to this.

All player movement must be in accordance with BCAHA and FNMHA guidelines.

Any player movement for practice or games must be approved by the Executive and follow these procedures:

Rep teams shall have unlimited access to players within their respective age groups, except as provided by the BC Hockey.
No player will be placed on a Rep team without first having parent approval.

10.6     Player Releases (after team has carded) Voluntary:

If a player requests to be voluntarily released from a Rep team, the following policy will apply:

a written request signed by both the player and parents will be submitted to the Rep Director/Division Coordinator for review. The Rep Director/Division Coordinator will meet with the player and parents to review the reasons behind the request.
Should the Rep Director/Division Coordinator determine that this request is not for reasons that should be further investigated; the player will be released to a House team in the same Division of the Rep team.


Should a team wish to release a player for discipline purposes, the following policy will apply:

- The Manager of the team will provide a written request to the Rep Director/Division Coordinator for review. This request will include the nature of the incident(s) that have resulted in the need to release this player, as well as a description of any steps taken by the Coaching Staff to deal with any previous discipline issues. This letter is to be signed by at least the Head Coach and the Team Manager.
- The Rep Director/Division Coordinator will, without delay, convene a Discipline Committee, as directed by the Executive to investigate the nature of the incident(s) outlined in this letter. This Committee will determine the appropriate level of discipline, which may result in the player being removed from the Rep team, or depending on the severity of the incidents, they may levy additional discipline based on FNMHA policies.
- The Rep Director/Division Coordinator and Discipline Committee may temporarily suspend the player until such time as the investigation is complete.
- This investigation shall be concluded within 7 days from receipt of the request.
- If the player is released to a House Team of the same Division, they will not be eligible to play Rep hockey for the rest of the season.


Should a team wish to release a player for performance reasons, the following policy will apply:

- The Manager of the team will provide a written request to the Rep Director/Division Coordinator/Division Coordinator for review. This request will include the nature of the performance issues that have resulted in the need to release this player, as well as a description of any steps taken by the Coaching Staff to address this player’s performance. This letter is to be signed by at least the Head Coach and the Team Manager.
- The Rep Director/Division Coordinator will, without delay, convene the Selection Committee for the appropriate Division, to review this request.
- The Selection Committee will arrange with the Head Coach an evaluation of the player. Such evaluation shall not be less that 2 practices and one game.
- After this evaluation, the Selection Committee and Coaching Staff will arrange a meeting to discuss this evaluation. Should the Selection Committee agree with the request to release the player, a meeting will be held with the player and parents, with the Selection Committee, Coaching Staff, and Rep Director/Division Coordinator. This meeting will be used to review the findings of the evaluation, and determine the most appropriate placement of the player being released.
- In the event that the player is being released from a Rep team, or Atom Development team, they will be released to House. Any releases to a House Team must be coordinated with the House Director.
- The Selection Committee, Rep Director/Division Coordinator, and Coaching Staff should, whenever possible, determine if a replacement player is being contemplated. If so, both movements should be coordinated to coincide with each other to prevent unnecessary disruption to any team involved.

10.9Player Additions

​​​If the Coach of a Rep team needs to add players to his/her team he/she must:

​​Need shall be defined as, and include one or more, of the listed conditions:

- If the team making the request has had a player released for disciplinary purposes.
- If the team making the request has had a player quit their team.
- If the team making the request has had a player move away
- If the team making the request has had an injury that will be long term - as in for the rest of the season &/or greater than 1/2 the season.

​​Additions to the roster simply for the sake of increasing the roster will not be ​​​considered unless the team has less than 15 players. (The recommended minimum ​​number of players on a Rep team is15).

If the Coach of a Rep team needs to add players to his/her team as per above listed conditions he/she must follow these procedures:

- Contact the Rep Team Manager so the Manager is informed of his/her actions and the Rep Team Manager will contact the Division Coordinator.
- The Coach or the Rep Team Manager will then contact the affected Coach out of courtesy.
- Contact player’s parents, if this is okayed by the parents then,
- Contact player and receive okay.
- If a Coach of a Rep team would like to have some players practice with his/her team to assess their ability he/she must follow the above steps.
- When the Coach has made his/her decision he/she will again contact the Rep Team Manager who will contact the Division Coordinator who will repeat step 1 in writing and also seek approval from the Fort Nelson Minor Hockey Executive.

10.10   Rep Team Dress Code

Dress code will apply to all Rep team players and team staff, and any affiliated players playing with the Rep team.

Dress code will apply for all in town and out of town games, exhibition or tournament play.
All Rep teams must wear black dress pants, dress shirts and ties. All clothing worn by FNMHA rep teams cannot have any sponsorship logos other than their own team sponsor. Ball caps are considered inappropriate to wear for games.

10.11Rep Team Travel Policy

- Travel - Must be approved by the Executive as per the FNMHA Travel Policy. See Travel Policy.

Teams are encouraged to provide coaches without children on the team some form of expense reimbursement for any overnight out of town travel.
Rep Team Coaches or Managers without children on the team will be reimbursed for personal expenses from funds collected by the Rep Team if budgeted for and collected in extra fees or fundraising.

Travel for Rep Head Coach/Manager to Provincial Championships

Applies to Rep Team Head Coach, Rep Team Assistant Coach, or Rep Team Manager providing either do not have a child on the team.
If transportation is at no extra cost for the Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager as part of the team, then no expense will be paid i.e. if travelling by bus or a chartered plane or travelling with another coach with child on the team..
Vehicle mileage for one vehicle only will be paid at $0.54/km. If mileage expense is greater than airline travel, then the lower of the two will be reimbursed.
If travelling by air, airfare, airport taxes and shuttle costs will be reimbursed. Original receipts required.
Meals will be reimbursed up to the following maximums, original receipts required:

Breakfast $ 9.00

Lunch $11.00

Dinner $15.00

A per diem of $26.00 will be paid if no receipts have been provided. It will be prorated as per the following provided the traveler is not away for the complete day:

Breakfast $ 6.00

Lunch $ 8.00

Dinner $12.00

Costs incurred by the Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager in fulfilling their commitments in their coaching capacity while away at Provincials (phoning/faxing results, taxi-fare to &/or from Provincial functions) will be reimbursed. Original receipts required.

Travel to Provincial Championships Grant Program

Grants are to subsidize travel expenses for rep-carded teams going to Provincials Championships (Championships) will be paid out of the Championship Fund only. The maximum amount of financial help to such teams is determined by which district is hosting the provincial tournament. See table below.
Teams receiving grant money from the Championships Fund will be expected to submit a financial accounting of how the funds were used (receipts may be requested). If there is money left over at the conclusion of the Championships, it is expected that money would be returned to FNMHA. Funds are to be utilized to subsidize the cost of travel and accommodations only. They are not to be utilized for meals, events, team clothing, parties or other team expenditures.
The total amount of monies paid out of the Championship Fund during any season cannot exceed the total amount of money available within the Fund. If there are not sufficient monies available in the Championship Fund, then funding will be prorated based on the table below.
The maximum amount in the Championship Fund should at no time exceed the amount of $20,000.00, with any excess going into general revenue of FNMHA.


East Kootenay

$ 4,000.

West Kootenay

$ 4,000.

Okanagan Mainline

$ 6,000.

North East

$ 2,000.



North Central

$ 4,000.

North Western

$ 4,000.

Lower Mainland

$ 6,000.

Vancouver Island

$ 6,000.

To maintain the Championship Fund, all Rep Teams will be responsible for filling, storing and delivering a minimum of 1000 sand bags during any given season. Each Rep team will receive $500 for filling and delivering their sandbags. This money will be paid out by January 15th. All additional revenue from the sale of sandbags will go to the SAMHA provincial Sandbagging Fund. If any Rep team goes to the Provincials, their $500 will be included in their allotted travel allowance, based on the table above.
In order to keep the Sandbagging Fundraiser going, every Rep team will be responsible for providing three contact names to the Rep Director by October 1st of any given season. These contacts will be responsible for meeting with the Fundraising Coordinator to set up a schedule for fundraising activities.
Fundraising is not optional for Rep Teams– everyone is expected to participate.

10.12 Rep Teams Championship Fund Raising Policy

Teams attending the BC Hockey Championships can use all of the fund raised dollars collected throughout the season and the extra approved Provincial fund raisers.  If more than one (1) team attends, ALL Provincial Championship Fund raisers will be done together. The dollars will be split according to the expenses of the destination and that ALL players participate and work equally towards the same goals.  Any letters requesting donations will have the FNMHA letterhead, available from the Executive Secretary, and include all team’s names. The dollars that teams will not have to share are the dollars made from 50/50’s throughout the season or tournaments in which the team has hosted.

Teams will submit a cost breakdown of expenses and funds will be allocated accordingly to assist or cover expenses.  Expense priorities will be (in order given)


Championship Expenses- team banquet, team banner


Team dinner

The intent of championship fund raising is to assist with expenses of the team while representing FNMHA, not to make money. FNMHA will also donate dollars to assist the team upon receipt of a letter requesting funds and will be according to budgetary capabilities and the number of teams attending.

Any championship fundraising that includes raffles or gaming activities, must work in coordination with the FNMHA’s Gaming Coordinator.