Interested in being a Goalie?? Our current SR Female division is looking!  (Open to females ages 13-18)


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To Whom It May Concern;

July 2023

The FNMHA has made decisions to the structuring of their programs to ensure as many players as possible, have access and opportunity to participate in minor hockey. The challenges every minor hockey associations are faced with vary greatly and it is for this reason that BC Hockey refrains from issuing rules that could have a negative and restrictive outcome, preventing minor hockey associations from carrying out actions required to facilitate a successful season.


The U18 division has been faced with challenges yet again for the upcoming 2023/2024 season.  At this time, registration will be open to female athletes to play coed, as well as have the option to play on the female only team.  FNMHA’s goal is to support all athletes and we welcome our girls to be able to double roster.  However, “to ensure double rostering is successful” volunteer roles must be fulfilled.  Volunteer roles that require commitment to coaching and managing the teams.  In the case where the registered number of players exceeds 25, a second team shall be formed to supplement the remainder of the athletes.  If the association is unable to successfully allocate goalies, coaches and coordinator to the second U18 coed team.  Male athletes will be given preference to register on one team and female athletes will be restricted to register under female hockey team only.  The decision is derived from the notion where, the female athletes are able to double roster and the male athletes, are left with no option. 


All minor hockey associations are volunteer based.  The quality of programing depends on parent contribution and involvement.  Be that as it may, Female hockey is a movement for which we are proud to offer unprecedented support to our female players in the endeavors they wish to pursue. 



Fort Nelson Minor Hockey Association